Welcome to my Website karimullahzirvi.com

This website is established to introduce my books to the public, in general, and to Ahmadis in particular so that they could read and purchase these books online and benefit from the books.


The following books can be read online and purchased through PayPal.


  1. The Holy Prophet of Islam, Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(saw)
  2. Welcome to Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam
  3. Invocations of the Holy Prophet(saw)
  4. Words of Wisdom
  5. Ta’limul Qur’an
  6. Hadrat Malik Saifur Rahman


The following books are for online reading only:


  1. English translation of the Ahadith book, Hadiqatus Salihin composed by Hadrat Malik Saifur Rahman
  2. Al-Nahl: Special issue about the late Professor Dr. Abdus Salam, Nobel Laureate