Allah accept your glorious services for Al.Noor magazine. Allah grant you more opportunities for Khidmat-e-Deen and accept every effort. 

Rashed, London, UK


Jazakumallāh to Zirvi Sahib for excellent service for many years. May Almighty Allāh make this change source of blessings for all, Amīn.
Wajeeh Bajwa


Jazakallah for all your services Zirvi sb. Deeply appreciated. 

FYQ (Faheem Younus Qureshi)


AA Zirvi Sahib,

Mashallah you have done an outstanding job with the gazette. May Allah reward you and everyone who helped you with this. 
Please remember us in your prayers.

Belal Khalid


My dear and honorable Dr. Sahib you will be missed as the Editor of Ahmadyya Gazette, 
I felt very comfortable with you since I know you personally,
and I have faith in your wisdom and judgment. I pray for success in your new endeavor whatever it might be. 
Please stay in touch, humbly,

Ausaf Khan



Dear Dr Zirvi sahib, 


Your service to the USA Jama'at for the last several decades is unforgettable. You are one of the pillars of the community.
I would like you to enjoy your 'retirement' from the editorship.
May you also enjoy life to the fullest.  Amen
Zakaria Virk, Toronto Canada 


Hope you are fine by the Grace of God. Amin I read in the gazette that they have appointed someone else as the editor.
I wonder who will continue to encourage my little efforts like you did.
But any way this is to express my gratitude to you for giving my poems a space in Al-Noor Magazine. I am really indebted to you for your support.

JazakAllah Khaira

Keep fine

With regards, wassalam

Tariq, Australia 



Assalamu Alaikum

I have come to know that from the coming New Year The Ahmadiyya Gazette is going in the hands of a new team. If it is true then it is a sad 
and bad news Whatever may its reason be but
I know this much that you are a great scholar who is just like a very deep and vast ocean of knowledge and everyone acknowledges this fact
that you have contributed a lot to this Magazine. 
So far as I am concerned, consciously or unconsciously I have learned a lot 
and I am thankful to God Almighty and you that under your guidance I was a part of doing something for the Magazine.
Even in future If you need my contribution in any field  of literary work please do remember me.

Wishing you best in life.
Arifa Haleem



Assalamo  Alaikum

JazakAllah for the book. It is a great collection. It will be a valuable addition to our library.

I heard that you won't be the editor of Ahmadiyya Gazette any more. However, I'm sure you will be busy undertaking equally great projects. 

Wishing you the very best. Kindly remember my family in your prayers.

It was a great experience helping you out as you led the Ahmadiyya Gazette. 
You were extremely kind to give me an opportunity to write and I benefitted tremendously from it.

Mansura (Minhas)